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Carrie kisses Nina's neck. Nina is in ecstasy with sexual feelings in her heart. The kisses melt her sorrows and pain away. Carrie whispers in Nina’s ear as if she is a loving angel. Nina grins and grabs Carrie's thin body with sex in her eyes.

Nina explores Carrie's body with her tongue, licking and caressing her body like a delicious dish. Carrie's breasts are like beautiful mountains in a great valley and her stomach is The Plains. The two bodies intersect each other in a beautiful sensual musical.

Nina slowly kisses Carrie’s body with passion and freeness. She sucks her stomach and begins to suck her juices. Using her tongue, she sucks the wonderful… WTF?

This is a scene I made up, but in lesbian movies and television shows, it's the same thing with different women. There is always a sex scene with two femme women who look like supermodels and they are exploring each other the same way.

Lesbians are treated like sexual objects than real people with feelings. It bothers me when lesbians have to prove their sexuality. Saying you are a lesbian doesn't fly in the lesbian world; it's more of an action. For example, how many women did you have sex with or have you been in a sexual relationship with a woman? I hate the questions.

Lesbian means women who sexually love other women. Over the years, The World of Lesbo has changed the meaning several times over because of men. For some strange reason, men love to see two supermodel look like women kiss and make out, but seeing two men kissing is disgusting. What is so disgusting about two men kissing each other?

I met a woman at church. She informed me that she is bisexual. Ok, so what? She believes its fine for two women to have sex, but a relationship is only between a man and woman. WTF?

Yes, women are beautiful sensual creatures made by God himself with hint of extra beauty and smarts. Think about it, women can multi-tasks and men can't. Justin Timberlake proved that comment in an interview. Women are emotional but strong; even though men make women look weak. There is nothing weak about a woman.

Once a month, women have to deal with PMS, blood flow and cramps. Women have babies. Women can pop a baby out and go back to work. Women can deal with so much pressure and stress than a man. Oh by the way, women can't get sick for god sakes or the Earth will explode.

For years, women have been over sexed in the media and we have accepted it. Why? I don't know. For some reason, real lesbians are typecast and fake lesbians are considered Stars in the spotlight. Why? I don't know.

I watched a lesbian movie called "Show Me". It was a great movie. It focused on the lesbian relationship and not the lesbian sex act. It was a thriller and the writing of the film was excellent. I will like to see more films which focus more on the relationship then soft porn for men and horny women.

Lesbianism is not a lifestyle, a life choice, something you saw in the media or something to do when you hate men. Lesbianism is what YOU are as a person.

I don't know why two women kissing turn men on, but lesbianism is love between two women, even if they don't look like supermodels.

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