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I know for a fact that I want a family with my fiance Amanda. I’m sure a lot of Lesbian and Gay couples feel the same way. But lately I’ve been thinking about it more and more because 3 of my closest friends are pregnant – all of which are Heterosexual, and have the luxury of being able to create something beautiful that is a union of their own genes – asbolutely free. (Well the creation is).. Unfortunately that isn’t the case for the couples in the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, we weren’t made to procreate between eachother. This is one of the main reasons why religions are against us. As they believe that the purpose of our sex organs is to solely be used to bring life. So for a union of the same sex is un-exceptional because its just not normal. A friend of mine, who is also in a Lesbian relationship said to me “We are basically fucked” and she couldn’t be more right. Being that we have the need to be parents and create a LOVING family, because after-all we are human beings. We can’t just do that – with out stating the obvious.

So now we are stuck with several choices. A: Adopt.

Honestly, the whole adoption process is a big hassel, especially when you are a Lesbian couple. Although NYS allows LGBT couples to adopt children. The bright side is you are taking a child out of the states grasps, and providing them a nourishing enviornment of love that they wouldn’t have otherwise if they remained in the state.

B: Sperm Donor, One of us carries.

Awesome concept. We are able to have the baby grow inside one of us. We are able to have all rights connected to us with no connection to the “Sperm Donor” at all. We are able to choose the babies ethincity, physical attributes, genetics etc. The downside is that the baby will not have one partners genes.

C: Partner Assisted Reproduction

This is hands down the best option out there.. Basically what happens is that one partner provides the egg, which is fertilized outside the body and then implanted into the other partner’s body. She carries the baby to term and gives birth. An egg is extracted from the egg donor mom and fertilized with sperm from a sperm donor in vitro (outside the body) and then implanted into the woman carrying the child. Usually more than one egg is implanted so the likelihood of multiple births is much greater.This procedure is much more expensive than simple donor insemination, but some women may opt for this because both women will have a biological tie to the child.

I am pretty sure option C would be picked by most of my friends, and I’m sure you guys would agree to this procedure. How ever the overall cost is astronomical. I feel that this shouldn’t be as expensive as it is. From what I’ve seen its close to 15,000. Which is crazy to me. Its kind of like a slap in the face. Because theres all these free clinics paid by the government to assist those who are uninsured and pregnant. Some of these women have 4 kids and pregnant again. But they get all these things free from the government. Which is fine, their taxes pay for it if they are working class citzens but just can’t afford the insurance that their job may provide therefore their taxes and our taxes is going for a good cause. Then you have the community who chooses not to work, but keeps procreating children with out a father or stable income. They keep receiving free food stamps, wic and assistance. Then you have the LGBTQ community, which I’m sure there are many classes within that are not working. But those who do work, where is our taxes going for our needs as a Americans living as we wish? What taxes help the forgotten ones? I’m not asking for a free ride, I’m just asking for something within’ means to get. So that I may create a family with my fiance. Where we can raise kids that are statiscally better behaved then those who have heterosexual parents.

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