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Sex and Marriage

By Aliya Leigh

I was talking to some religious people about the bible and homosexuality. I was excepting an answer like the normal stuff, but I got something extra; which I needed to share with you.  Now, I don’t care if you’re gay, straight or bi, but these questions are for any married couple.

Why did you get married? What makes a real marriage?  What are the key components in marriage? 

It’s amazing how people have their own view of marriage.  From an open marriage to a marriage business agreement; you can see why people’s view of marriage is so warped. 

Now, I am totally for gay marriage. The main reason is legal arrangements.  With a legal marriage, you have rights over property, legal family member and cheaper taxes. With marriage you become one flesh so the two partners share everything together, even medical information.  So, those are the benefits of a legal marriage.

Why do people get married and is there sex involved in this arrangement?

You guys know, I love sex.  It’s like a release for me, like my high.  But, I will like to find the one who I can spend my life and body with.  I am only looking for one person.

My stand on marriage is two people who love each other to the point of death and Hades.  Yeah, I know that is not all real, but I can still dream.  In a marriage, is sex important? Let see.

By speaking to people, I have learned sex is not the most important thing in a marriage, but intimacy is very important. A glance at your partner’s body as they get out of the shower, looking into their eyes and thinking about holding them forever,  touching, kissing, feeling, talking or even doing a chore can be intimate and a sexual intense gesture. From personal experience, just looking at my girlfriend  walking out of the shower just made me want to take her and make her scream until she fell asleep.  Holding hands, texting and sending a picture is so sexual, this can make a marriage fresh and new every day.  My parents have been married since the age of the dinosaurs, but they have a Friday date night.  They date each other once a week to refresh the marriage. 

But, let’s talk about sex.  What is sex?  Sex is when two people make love with each other. But, again this is open to interpretation why? 

Some people believe sex in a marriage is only for making children. In the bible God told Adam and Eve to have children, so you men and women should only get  married to have children. WTH?

So, in other words, you are telling me, I can’t have sex with my husband or wife, only if we are ready to have a family! What?  You got to be kidding? So, if that’s the case, why do old people get marriage?  They can’t have babies.

Getting back to my story, the religious people told me that, “I can’t be with a woman and I need to be single for the rest of my life.  I can have friends to kill the void of companionship”. 

But, that doesn’t make sense.  I have some male friends.  They treat their partners differently then their friends.  With friends, you can share ideas and thoughts with; with a partner you can share your whole life because you become one flesh.  This is the main reason why people do get married. 

In marriage, sex is important, but with a twist.  For a woman, you can have an orgasm with a kiss or a touch. To me, this is a sexual experience. Sharing your body with the one you love, is the most exotic experience ever and can you get wet whenever you see them.  They can be smelly and sick and you will still what to make them scream.

One example, I was with a girl, Miss June of 2009, she was a rebound girl because I just broke up with my first love. I was so heart broken.  It was like; God ripped out my heart and ate it in front of me with a smile. I hated God for a while because I that bastard made my girlfriend cheat on me and a guy to prove a point that homosexuality is a sin.  So, I started having sex with the world and didn’t care.  Anyway, I was so sick with the flu and she came over to care for me.  She thought I was so sexy with yellow mucus runny down my nose, a trail of used tissues on my bedroom floor, and coughing up flam, as I was wearing pee strained shorts. She wanted to have sex with me, even though I had a temperature. See, sexy!

I found God again and God wanted us to have a happy life.  He created us to love, not be alone and not to have sex.  I don’t believe sex is just about making babies, but to share a special relationship your soul mate - the person who you will take a bullet for. 

Sex is not about doing it like a porn video, but it has meaning and understanding behind it. Why do people get married?  They want to share the rest of their lives with that one person, who they want to be with.

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