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I believe we should have Queer History. Just like Black History and others.
Here are some videos I found to help you to love yourself, whatever you are.
You are NOT a Freak, a IT, a DISEASE or a VIRUS. You are you.

Be happy for who you are in this life. You may get bullied or hit, but remember, I love you.
God is looking down on you and blessing you. He will fight for you and love you like
a loving father, loves his child. He is holding you in his arms and wiping your tears away.
Let him be your father because he has unlimited power.

I hope the videos will help you see, you are part of a special class of wonderful creative people
of the Earth. With our minds, hearts and special talents we as a people has brought:

* Art
* Love
* Literary
* Leadership
* The End of Racism
* Beautiful
* Happiness
* Entertainment
* Songs
* Design

I know, I make fun for Lesbians and The Gays, but in all, we are one, one race, one body,
one mind and one soul. We are a family, where a child can be love by so many people without harm.
Instead, they are spoiled.

In the Queer family, I can have a black mom and a white mom,brothers of every race, children of
all races and nationalities, and sisters of every race.

We are one big happy family!

You can email me at aliyaleigh@gmail.com, if you want to say hello. Peace.

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