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What Are High Standards?

By Aliya Leigh

“I HATE THIS!!!!”, as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I met this typical lesbian couple who I never want to meet again.  I rather be straight then to be among their circles.  Again, I don’t like dick so, I’ll be a nun.  No, scratch that, I can’t be a nun – don’t believe in the Pope, so forget that, nonsense.  About the Pope, how can I follow a man who’s a drag queen, loves the entertainment of little boys dressed up as innocent angles in his bedroom, and believes gay people should go to hell?  The Pope is dead in my eyes and God should strike him down as he lust over an innocent boy who doesn’t have the grass and the balls haven’t dropped.

This lesbian couple believes that the GLBT community should be held to higher standards. But, what are higher standards?  This is what I don’t get and will never get; lesbians and gays trying to be so high and mighty, but at the same time sucking cock and pussy as if it’s a rich delight.  GLBT standards will always be low in the Straight man’s eyes, so why the judgment? 

When we tell the straight man that we are gay - all the good service we have done, the money, the power and how we conduct ourselves - goes out the window.  When Gay is mention, straight people think this “gays are the most disgusting people on the face of the earth”.  So, why the judgment?

I was speaking to this couple. The thin, small, snobbish, short hair cut woman who I’ll called, “The Judge”, was talking about how gays need to be held to a higher standard and have superb role models to look up to.  She mention about how, the GLBT community is mostly all about sex and that’s it.  Her partner, who called “The Jury”, agreed with her like a loyal slave looking to get a doggy biscuit. 

Thing is, GLBT is about sex.  Just like the Black Community is mostly about slavery and the color of skin.  The White Community is mostly about the color of skin.  The Latin Community is mostly about skin and immigration.

GLBT is about sex, because it’s all about whom you love, not your skin color.  If all GLBT people came out of the womb as Rainbow Bright, then it will be about the color of our skin.  But, The GLBT is the only ethic race whose color blind, so we need something to identify ourselves and that is sex. 

But, how can a person judge another?  This is what straight people do to the garbage of the earth.  Judge!  What I can’t understand, how two pussy loving lesbians can be on a high pestle and talk about high standards in the GLBT, when you don’t know what high standards are?

Do straight people have high standards?  I don’t know, but let’s look.  You have reality TV shows like the “Jersey Shore”, “Celeb Rehab”, “Real World”, “Big Brother” and others.  You have media personalities like, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Linsday Lohan, Donald Trump and others.  The world straight world idolizes these people.  They only got famous because people follow them aka fans.

What are high standards for straight people? I have been to swinger clubs before and most of the swingers are church going, high standards, wealthy, Republicans who love to have multiple sex partners for a weekend.  High standards?  These are the same people during the week that will tell you, how they love God, believe in being ultra-conservative and with judge a person based on their looks and actions.  On the weekends, the same bible ultra-conservative Republicans who experiment with every sex act unknown to men. 

The GLBT community is a community about being accepted for who and what you are. It’s a community for the people who can’t fit in a category of this world we live in.  We are like the garbage of the world - waste management.   

I was born and raised in a good family with two parents and a brother.  I was raised to love God and respect people who only believe in the basics on the bible.  I was raised to be a judge to judge the disgusting people in this world with hand of God himself.  When I think back, who the HELL was I to tell people what to do and how to act? Now, I am the garbage who I once condemn to live in hell and torment called AIDS. 

But, what are high standards?  Please, someone show me this book called High Standards   and I will like to speak to the person who wrote it. 

In my mind, there is no such thing as high standards. I believe that there is a thing called RESPECT.  It’s such a little word with so much meaning. If we could just respect one another, maybe we will have a better world. 

When you take that position, in judging people basis on there thinking and actions, you are telling God, “Yo Dude, you don’t know what the hell you are doing, so I’m going to take your job.” I have found, when we take on the job of God, we make ourselves look foolish. 

Yes, I am a Republican and a proud one.  I love God, read the bible and go to church.  I embrace God everyday.  I try to set good morals in my life and follow the golden rule, “Love one another.” But, when I say, I am gay – that loving God, going to church and following the golden rule goes out the window into the unknown air of nothing.  All people will see is, “That girl sucks pussy.” 

It’s so amazing, that when I met a woman whose straight, I don’t think about how she’s performs in the bedroom, if she sucks dick or what sex positions she enjoys.   It doesn’t enter my mind.  What enters my mind is her character. 

In all, we need to expect each other like brothers and sisters, especially in our GLBT community.  We need respect for each other feelings and opinions.  We may not love everyone in our community, but respect is the key.  We can be as high and might as we want to be, but when we leave our GLBT home and walk out in Straight Land, we are garbage who don’t have rights and get stared at as if we are a walking disease.  

Will the GLBT community will be welcome into StraightLand?  Reprogram the minds of every living being on earth – GLBT, Straight, Animals and every cell life on the earth. But, we can’t reprogram the whole world, so all we can do, is respect people and love people like they are family.  Listen to other people and understand people’s point of view.  High standards are a myth and there is no such thing, but rambles of a man who’s afraid what he might find in his closet. 














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