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No Labels


By Aliya Leigh


I don’t care if you’re black or white.  Pink or gray.  It’s bullshit anyway.


You can be a Wanker, Nit, Nop, Mud, Wop, Zebra, Honky, Cracka, a Nigga, Spic, Paki, Kike and Chink. You must hate yourself, so why should I give a shit?


What? You’re a fag, a dyke, a homo.  Like, I really gave a care.


You are a mixed a good hair and thin like a twig.  I see you as Skeletor who can travel with the wind. 


Some people think they are so bad when they mention who they, but they are only spouting bullshit with their small cocks and pussies.  They truly think we care.


I hate labels and will shout it around.  Fuck you bitch and kiss my ass if you don’t like me around your town. 


I am a person, a human being from God so I don’t give a damn who you are.


You can be a les or a hoe. So what, do you want a pat on the back for spouting shit?


Labels are shit. You need to agree. Labels are full of nonsense and greed.


I don’t care what you claim to be, just don’t spit or hit on me.


Fuck all the crazy ass people who believe they are so freakin’ special. The same people who believe they are God’s gift to the damn world.  You guys are dumb as clowns who are too stupid to mock.


Labels are old and out dated like caveman rock.  So why use them, you dumb fuck cock.


For those who think labels are wrong. Stand up and yell at the stupid ones.


So, you like pussy or dick.  I don’t give a shit.


So, you are a bitch, a slut or hoe.  Be happy you are getting some.


Love yourself and love your neighbor too because that person can be like you.


Labels should go away and never be found.  Labels are bullshit, say it aloud.  So, the sane people can be found.  

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  • I agree,labels are as murdering someone in cold blood.I know my tru purpose on this earth.All humans are to be caretakers of this planet.We are to flow in harmony.As the wind that flows through the trees,dancing together.Not creating global wars.What one doesn't understand,one fears.What one fears one kills.Check yurself before yu wreck yurself.

    posted by: gina lucero on 2011-07-25 23:43:47

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