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Here’s the Exclusive Interview with the One and Only Sister Sadist. She’s a wonderful writer and blogger. I have become a fan of hers when I joined into this crazy weird Twitter site. LOL. I have been following her for a while and she has inspired me to live life to the fullest, be true to yourself and others, be spiritual and still have a deep grounding in faith.

I was always had been curious about her because she has such a Dark Goth side to her, but so sweet, like a corpse with a lotus flower growing inside of her. So, of course, I had to interview her. Plus, she wanted to promote her NEW project.

Remember the name Sister Sadist because she’s about to blow up soon!

Tell me about yourself?
Well - My real name is Camicia, I'm a Florida native, I've lived here all of my life. I've been with my husband for a little over 10 years. I live for the quiet life. My days revolve around yoga, my writing, my husband and my pets. Oh and wine. I'm a huge wine nerd!

Currently, live in a small town called Ormond Beach, FL. We are a small suburb just north of Daytona Beach - home of NASCAR, Bike Week and MTV's original spring break party (from WAY back in the 80's!)

Why do you call yourself Sister Sadist?
The story behind the name isn't nearly as exciting as the moniker itself. Ages ago I was a huge online gamer (I played World of Warcraft for roughly 4 years), I was the group leader for about 200 people and had a reputation for being fairly strict with the group rules. I started to build a reputation for being a sadist and when I started a Priest character the name Sister Sadist came up in honor of the female equivalent of Priests (Think Sister Mary-Catherine the Catholic School teacher) and my strict disciplinary tactics!

What do you write about?
Everything! Lately, my focus has been on my spiritual journey and recognizing my own self-worth and capabilities. I write a lot about finding a path to God but without the constraints of religion. I'm a huge yoga fanatic so I write a bit about that as well and how my practice tends to sometimes guide me to God.

You mention about a project that you are working on, what is it?
I'm working on building a woman's community website called The Well Written Woman (TheWellWrittenWoman.com) - we launch May 1. The goal is to create a community of enlightened and educated women that can gather to share their ideas, experiences and personal stories to gain a sense of self within a nurturing online community. We want to draw an audience of not just writers, but women of all kinds who are looking for an online source that they feel meets their intellectual and imaginative needs for news, life, style, fitness, spirituality and so many other topics. We want our community to encourage women to build new outlooks and perspectives with creative ideas and insightful conversation, ultimately finding a balance between feminism and feminine.

**Please check out TheWellWrittenWoman.com on MAY 1.

Sister Sadist (twitter: @SisterSadist)

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