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I love these girls.  These girls have so much fun in public, that at first, I thought they were a dance group. Then I found out, they are a marketing group who helps out the small businesses in the Queer Community.  So, with that in mind, you need to hire them because they put the fun and entertainment back into marketing.

Look at the picture; I want to be around them. 

What is 3minds?
3minds is a small business geared towards the LGBTQ Community. As a small business we understand how difficult it was to build 3minds from the ground up so we wanted to pay it forward. Recently, we began offering affordable advertising for other small business owners using our vast networking connections to get a jump start on their business, and reach their target audience. In addition, we host events, parties, red carpets etc. When 3minds is at your party or event we turn it up.

Who is in the group?
The 3 members of 3minds are Linn, Daya, & Nikkie.

How did 3minds get started?
We were introduced to one another by a mutual friend after church. During conversation we all agreed the community needed to see lesbians from a positive perspective. From that day on in 2008 we began to create products, produce events, and media outlets that would show the faces of the LGBTQ community

Do you feel that the Queer community has made advancements in the social stigma?
While we believe there is so much to still be done for many of us that have been out for sometime (lol, not telling our ages). We can all agree that we didn’t see magazines made for us, by us and now we have IKONS and No Labelz magazine in stores like Barnes and Nobles and Borders...We didn’t see small businesses similar to 3Minds…We didn’t see celebrities coming out and still having lucrative careers such as Ellen, Wanda Sykes and others. With all that being said, there is still so much work to be done and we plan to put our time in. It’s bigger than us.

What does Gay Pride mean to you?
Being gay doesn’t define us. We’re all accomplished women who happen to love women. When we think of “Pride” in itself, a couple of things come to mind…dignity, self acceptance and self respect.

If you have a wish for the Queer community, what will it be?
More unity! Self love and love for others. How do people expect society in whole to accept gay love when we look down on each other?

“Creatively, we never sleep”

Director of Marketing & Events
Twitter: @3minds

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