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Link: SNTV - Jack and Jill is a drag

We're on set of Jack and Jill with David Spade, Al Pacino,
Adam Sandler, and Katie Holmes.

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Link: SNTV - Willow's help from dad

Willow Smith and other Hollywood celebs making it big with
the help of mom and dad.

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Link: SNTV-Heres the latest Hollywood gossip

Robert De Niro pays up, Ashton Kutcher feels small;
Heidi Klum contemplating world domination

Category:Aliya Leigh Videos -- posted at: 11:29pm EDT

Link: SNTV - Nicki Minaj's fan-demonium

Nicki Minaj's popularity proves to be too much for one London
hotel as the rapper's fans take on the city

Category:Aliya Leigh Videos -- posted at: 11:27pm EDT

Link: SNTV - Latest Hollywood couples news

Demi and Ashton on the red carpet, Sandra and Ryan just
friends and Paris Hilton's boyfriend facing charges

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Link: SNTV - "Twilight" Named Worst With Nine Razzie Nods

Critics come down hard on the fan favorite "Twilight" series
nominating the franchise for some of the year's worst
achievements in film

Category:Aliya Leigh Videos -- posted at: 11:24pm EDT

Link: SNTV - Oprah's secret sister

Oprah's highly-anticipated family secret is revealed as the talk
show queen admits to having a half-sister that was given up for adoption

Category:Aliya Leigh Videos -- posted at: 11:22pm EDT

Link: SNTV - Kim Kardashian's baby talk

Kim Kardashian drops hints things are getting more serious
tweeting about the possibility of one day having kids with new
beau Kris Humphries

Category:Aliya Leigh Videos -- posted at: 11:21pm EDT

1) We create our worlds and tend to live in them; even if they
are negative or positive.

2) Obey the golden rule: Do to others, what you want them
to do to you.

3) Stop assuming the worst in people.


5) We are gods and the almighty is our boss.
Create positive worlds in our lives so the world can be a
positive place to live in. 

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