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I love Somalia so much, I can marry it.  My new motto: "I am so egotistical . Right now, if I could, I will clone myself, marry myself and fuck myself."


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Washington should do an weekend long orgy!  http://aliyaleighlive.libsyn.com or http://www.aliyaleigh.com

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Why are eating orders funny? They can be.  My new book is out.

How to Make It in Hollywood

In order to make it in Hollywood, you have to be an expert in social media, hanging out, meeting the right people, bedroom gymnasts, spreading the goods, cheating, spending, spilling blood, back stabbing and some talent. This book will teach you how to obtain sex appeal, A-List status, wealth and fame. 100% GUARANTEE! BUY this cook book for SUCCESS and leave your SOUL at the door. Practice, practice, practice makes perfect.


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What is a Fag Hag? 

A Fag Hag is a gay slang phrase referring to a woman who either associates mostly or exclusively with gay and bisexual men, or has gay and bisexual men as close friends. In the United States, the term fag hag often refers to a heterosexual woman who is the best friend of a gay man.

I interviewed Gabby Fag Hag.

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Do you know how much you are worth?  I want you to write down how much you are worth and tape it to your bathroom mirror. I will explain why? 

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Are women turning back time

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How do I feel about the A-List 

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Carrie kisses Nina's neck. Nina is in ecstasy with sexual feelings in her heart. The kisses melt her sorrows and pain away. Carrie whispers in Nina’s ear as if she is a loving angel. Nina grins and grabs Carrie's thin body with sex in her eyes.

Nina explores Carrie's body with her tongue, licking and caressing her body like a delicious dish. Carrie's breasts are like beautiful mountains in a great valley and her stomach is The Plains. The two bodies intersect each other in a beautiful sensual musical.

Nina slowly kisses Carrie’s body with passion and freeness. She sucks her stomach and begins to suck her juices. Using her tongue, she sucks the wonderful… WTF?

This is a scene I made up, but in lesbian movies and television shows, it's the same thing with different women. There is always a sex scene with two femme women who look like supermodels and they are exploring each other the same way.

Lesbians are treated like sexual objects than real people with feelings. It bothers me when lesbians have to prove their sexuality. Saying you are a lesbian doesn't fly in the lesbian world; it's more of an action. For example, how many women did you have sex with or have you been in a sexual relationship with a woman? I hate the questions.

Lesbian means women who sexually love other women. Over the years, The World of Lesbo has changed the meaning several times over because of men. For some strange reason, men love to see two supermodel look like women kiss and make out, but seeing two men kissing is disgusting. What is so disgusting about two men kissing each other?

I met a woman at church. She informed me that she is bisexual. Ok, so what? She believes its fine for two women to have sex, but a relationship is only between a man and woman. WTF?

Yes, women are beautiful sensual creatures made by God himself with hint of extra beauty and smarts. Think about it, women can multi-tasks and men can't. Justin Timberlake proved that comment in an interview. Women are emotional but strong; even though men make women look weak. There is nothing weak about a woman.

Once a month, women have to deal with PMS, blood flow and cramps. Women have babies. Women can pop a baby out and go back to work. Women can deal with so much pressure and stress than a man. Oh by the way, women can't get sick for god sakes or the Earth will explode.

For years, women have been over sexed in the media and we have accepted it. Why? I don't know. For some reason, real lesbians are typecast and fake lesbians are considered Stars in the spotlight. Why? I don't know.

I watched a lesbian movie called "Show Me". It was a great movie. It focused on the lesbian relationship and not the lesbian sex act. It was a thriller and the writing of the film was excellent. I will like to see more films which focus more on the relationship then soft porn for men and horny women.

Lesbianism is not a lifestyle, a life choice, something you saw in the media or something to do when you hate men. Lesbianism is what YOU are as a person.

I don't know why two women kissing turn men on, but lesbianism is love between two women, even if they don't look like supermodels.

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Can it happen?  http://www.aliyaleigh.com twitter: @aliyaleigh

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No Labels


By Aliya Leigh


I don’t care if you’re black or white.  Pink or gray.  It’s bullshit anyway.


You can be a Wanker, Nit, Nop, Mud, Wop, Zebra, Honky, Cracka, a Nigga, Spic, Paki, Kike and Chink. You must hate yourself, so why should I give a shit?


What? You’re a fag, a dyke, a homo.  Like, I really gave a care.


You are a mixed a good hair and thin like a twig.  I see you as Skeletor who can travel with the wind. 


Some people think they are so bad when they mention who they, but they are only spouting bullshit with their small cocks and pussies.  They truly think we care.


I hate labels and will shout it around.  Fuck you bitch and kiss my ass if you don’t like me around your town. 


I am a person, a human being from God so I don’t give a damn who you are.


You can be a les or a hoe. So what, do you want a pat on the back for spouting shit?


Labels are shit. You need to agree. Labels are full of nonsense and greed.


I don’t care what you claim to be, just don’t spit or hit on me.


Fuck all the crazy ass people who believe they are so freakin’ special. The same people who believe they are God’s gift to the damn world.  You guys are dumb as clowns who are too stupid to mock.


Labels are old and out dated like caveman rock.  So why use them, you dumb fuck cock.


For those who think labels are wrong. Stand up and yell at the stupid ones.


So, you like pussy or dick.  I don’t give a shit.


So, you are a bitch, a slut or hoe.  Be happy you are getting some.


Love yourself and love your neighbor too because that person can be like you.


Labels should go away and never be found.  Labels are bullshit, say it aloud.  So, the sane people can be found.  

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Don't be afraid of success.  http://www.aliyaleigh.com

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What can you learn from Amy Winehouse death? 


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Today, July 24 2011, New York gay couples can get married legally. I think, it's nonsense. 

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By Linda Brodsky, M.D.
WeNews commentator
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This week, U.S. women celebrate our 89th anniversary of gaining the right to vote and Dr. Linda Brodsky uses the moment to review the lingering effects of women's inequities on the burning national debate over health care reform.

Editor's Note: The following is a commentary. The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily the views of Women's eNews.

(WOMENSENEWS)--On August 26, we celebrate Women's Equality Day, commemorating the 89th anniversary of the 19th amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gave women the vote in 1920.

Though officially organized in 1848 in Seneca Falls, N.Y., the U.S. women's rights movement endured 72 years before realizing this first critical goal.

Another 51 years passed before New York Congresswoman Bella Abzug in 1971 sponsored a bill so that each successive U.S. president would be able to proclaim August 26 as Women's Equality Day.

Now, 38 years later, where are we?

As a group, U.S. women are among the most educated and privileged in the world. But our gender gap in national political representation remains wider than 26 other countries.

That leaves us at a disadvantage in the most heated domestic policy debate of these days: healthcare reform.

As we monitor and participate in this debate, women should push for changes in national health policy that rectify women's inequalities as medical professionals and patients.

Legal Discrimination

Gender profiling for health insurance purposes continues to be legal in most states.

Women pay more for individual health insurance if we are even able to obtain coverage.

A study by National Women's Law Center finds that a 30 year-old non-smoking women often pays significantly more than a 30 year-old male smoker.

Thus, many women, particularly those with lower incomes, go without health insurance and have less access to both preventative and necessary healthcare.

Many policies have no maternity benefits and many exclude those with previous C-sections or who have been victims of domestic violence.

And after we recover from birthing our children (and our country's future) and return to work, we often are denied job advancement at best, or face demotion or dismissal at worst. Protections are inadequate and nearly impossible to enforce given the enormous financial and emotional costs of litigation.

As we mature, women are more likely to be misdiagnosed and undertreated if we have heart disease.

We are less likely to get joint replacements for orthopedic problems and will suffer from back pain longer before receiving relief.

We are more often initially told "it's all in your head," suffering through mental health diagnoses where none exists.

Emotional Integrity Questioned

Mothers of my patients have arrived in my office desperate because their own emotional integrity has been questioned when their 9-month old child still wakes 10-15 times each night crying or their rambunctious pre-teen is out of their control. When obstructive sleep apnea or severe extra-esophageal reflux are diagnosed and treated, how rapidly these mothers recover from their so-called "over-concern!"

Gender inequality for female physicians takes the form of fewer opportunities for advancement. This minimizes our impact in the arenas of research, particularly in women's health issues, public health policies and medical education of the future physicians.

Female physicians occupy only 17 percent of the positions on medical journal editorial boards, where the decisions about what research is worthy of publication are made.

Our numbers in medical academia--where we educate our future physicians and most research is performed-- are not representative.

Women are also in short supply in medical organizations that advise our elected leaders, such as the American Medical Association or the American College of Surgeons.

61 Cents on the Dollar

Female physicians earn only 61 cents for each dollar a male physician earns. We face a greater than 80 percent chance of experiencing discrimination and-or sexual harassment some time during our career. Higher rates of burnout are common. How can this physician work force be as effective as our rising needs require?

Dangerous Misuse of Resources

This situation translates into a dangerous misuse of our most important medical resources.

Misuse and underuse of physician talent is more than unhealthy as world-wide physician shortages are anticipated. In the long run, failure to equally value women as healthcare providers will ultimately damage our nation's health and healthcare needs.

It's time we took a bold approach to fixing gender equity as part of fixing our health care system. We can start this reform process by linking accreditation and federal and state health care dollars to metrics that include closure of the gender gap.

Finally we must not only recognize but also vigorously root out the pervasive negative effects of this gender gap in all aspects of our society. In healthcare, the stakes categorically mean the difference between life and death.

We may have the vote, but 161 years later, hundreds of proclamations, quasi-awareness holidays, or even scores of legislative initiatives have been insufficient to change the status quo. Gender stereotyping, gender discrimination, and other forms of violence against women, must be aggressively rooted out.

Dr. Linda Brodsky is a pediatric otolaryngologist and "accidental crusader" for equal rights. She is accepting submissions for her multi-author book project that will examine the effects of gender discrimination in healthcare. Stories can be submitted here. http://www.lindabrodskymd.com/book-project.html

Note: Women's eNews is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites and the contents of site the link points to may change.


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Family issues can be crazy. How can you kill the gay inside.



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Activists Expect Debate Over Defense of Marriage Act

Published July 17, 2011

Gay service members from Army soldiers to Air Force officers are planning to celebrate the official end of the military's 17-year policy that forced them to hide their sexual orientation with another official act -- marriage.

A 27-year-old Air Force officer from Ohio said he can't wait to wed his partner of two years and slip on a ring that he won't have to take off or lie about when he goes to work each day once "don't ask, don't tell" is repealed. He plans to wed his boyfriend, a federal employee, in Washington D.C. where same-sex marriages are legal.

He asked not to be identified, following the advice of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a national organization representing gay troops, including the Air Force officer, that has cautioned those on active duty from coming out until the ban is off the books.

"I owe it to him and myself," the officer said of getting married. "I don't want to do it in the dark. I think that taints what it's supposed to be about -- which is us, our families, and our government."

But in the eyes of the military the marriage will not be recognized and the couple will still be denied most of the benefits the Defense Department gives to heterosexual couples to ease the costs of medical care, travel, housing and other living expenses.

The Pentagon says the 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act -- which defines marriage for federal program purposes as a legal union between a man and woman -- prohibits the Defense Department from extending those benefits to gay couples, even if they are married legally in certain states. That means housing allowances and off-base living space for gay service members with partners could be decided as if they were living alone. Base transfers would not take into account their spouses. If two gay service members are married to each other they may be transferred to two different states or regions of the world. For heterosexual couples, the military tries to avoid that from happening. Gay activists and even some commanders say the discrepancy will create a two-tier system in an institution built on uniformity.

"It's not going to work," said Army Reserve Capt. R. Clarke Cooper, who heads up the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay rights group that sued the Justice Department to stop the enforcement of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. "Taking care of our soldiers is necessary to ensure morale and unit cohesion. This creates a glaring stratification in the disbursement of support services and benefits."

Cooper said he also plans to marry his boyfriend, a former Navy officer, in a post-repeal era. The Obama administration has said it believes the ban could be fully lifted within weeks. A federal appeals court ruling July 6 ordered the government to immediately cease its enforcement. After the Department of Justice filed an emergency motion asking the court to reconsider its order, the court on Friday reinstated the law but with a caveat that prevents the government from investigating or penalizing anyone who is openly gay.

The Justice Department in its motion argued ending the ban abruptly now would pre-empt the "orderly process" for rolling back the policy as outlined in the law passed and signed by the president in December.

The military's staunchly traditional, tight-knit society, meanwhile, has been quickly adapting to the social revolution: Many gay officers say they have already come out to their commanders and fellow troops, and now discuss their weekend plans without a worry.

The Air Force officer says he has dropped the code words "Red Solo Cups" -- the red plastic cups used at parties -- that he slipped into conversations for years to tell his partner he loved him when troops were within earshot. He now feels comfortable saying "I love you" on the phone, no longer fearful he will be interrogated by peers.

One male soldier, who also asked not to be identified, said after Congress approved repealing the law, he listed his boyfriend on his Army forms as his emergency contact and primary beneficiary of his military life insurance in case he dies in Afghanistan.

He said when he was transferred to South Korea, he and his partner had to pay for his partner's move.

"But we were able to stay together," the soldier wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press from Afghanistan. "During the move, I realized I needed to make sure my partner in life was taken care of if something, the worst, ever happened to me, especially knowing I was about to deploy." The soldier said when he added his boyfriend's name to the paperwork as a primary beneficiary and identified him as a friend, the non-commissioned officer in charge shut his office door and told him: "Unlike the inherent benefits to being married in the Army, such as housing and sustenance allowances, our life insurance and will don't discriminate."

Same-sex partners can be listed as the person to be notified in case a service member is killed, injured, or missing, but current regulations prevent anyone other than immediate family -- not same-sex spouses -- from learning the details of the death. Same-sex spouses also will not be eligible for travel allowances to attend repatriation ceremonies if their military spouses are killed in action.

Gay spouses also will be denied military ID cards. That means they will not be allowed on bases unless they are accompanied by a service member and they cannot shop at commissaries or exchanges that have reduced prices for groceries and clothing, nor can they be treated at military medical facilities. They also will be excluded from base programs providing recreation and other such kinds of support.

Military officials say some hardship cases may be handled on an individual basis. Activists warn such an approach will create an administrative nightmare and leave the military vulnerable to accusations of making inconsistent decisions that favor some and not others.

Military families enjoy assistance from the Defense Department to compensate for the hardship of having a mother or father or both deployed to war zones and moved frequently.

"It strains a relationship when you're gone for over a year," said Navy medical corpsman Andrew James, 27, who lived two years apart from his same-sex partner, who could not afford to move with him when he was transferred from San Diego to Washington. "But straight couples have support so their spouses are able to be taken care of, with financial issues, and also they are able to talk to the chain of command, whereas gays can't. They don't have any support at all financially or emotionally, and that is really devastating."

He said he was lucky that his relationship survived and now that he is in the Reserves, they are together again in San Diego.

The benefits issue came up repeatedly during training sessions to prepare troops for the policy change.

"There are inconsistencies," Maj. Daryl Desimone told a class of Marines at Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, after being asked about benefits for gay military personnel. "Anyone who looks at it logically will see there are some things that need to be worked out in the future." The military's policy denying benefits to same-sex couples could change if legal challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act prove successful. The Obama administration has said it will not defend DOMA in court.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department filed a legal brief in federal court in San Francisco in support of a lesbian federal employee's lawsuit claiming the government wrongly denied health coverage to her same-sex spouse. The brief said the lawsuit should not be dismissed because DOMA violates the constitution's guarantee of equal protection and was motivated by hostility toward gays and lesbians.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/07/17/military-gay-couples-wont-enjoy-benefits/#ixzz1SXE9fwNG

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