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Shadow Creatures is about: 

My name is E and this is my dark life! My family and I came from the devil himself because he had to prove a point to God.  We look normal on the surface with rosy glasses, but inside -our dark souls - we are monsters within. Human flesh is our delicate delight and human blood is our sweet delicious wine. This is the Saxton's family secret.  I'm a Shadow Creature. This is my life. 

New Post: A Goddess Among Thieves

When I walk into a room, I am God and the Normals are my prey. With a lick of my lips, they quiver. With my smile, they wonder. With my glance, they pee in their pants. Yes, I rule them, like the rats that they are. I am God in their eyes.

It’s so funny for a teenager with black wavy long hair, thin body, white as pure snow and the violet of eyes can strike fear into a soul of a Normal; I laugh when I think about it. It’s so funny, a little girl like me, holds so much power over people who believes in an unknown nothing.


My name is Trinity. My father named me. He wanted me to be the most special grandchild of our crazy ass family. Yep. Think about it, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in ONE vessel or vase; which is me. Yes, I am all three and have special abilities then my own twin brother and the rest of my family. Even Spirit, is afraid of me. Why I’m special or the chosen one, I don’t know or care. I love it and no one can take it away from me; not even the stupid The One. Who gives a care about The One? If The One is around, It needs to kick my butt as if I was made out of gold.

My brother and I go to a very very private school; which you will think was created and built by King Solomon himself. The hallways are laced with gold, our lockers are encrusted with jewels, and our flat ware is from Tiffany’s. We have doormen for our classrooms and private transportation to take us to and from school. I bet if my classmates and I put our trust funds together, we can solve the National Debt.

For me, I love Normals taste, skin, juices, blood and their stomachs. The stomach is the best part. You can tell a lot about aNormal from the stomach. My brother, love theNormal skin. I don’t blame him. The skin is the best part too. When you put honey and BBQ on aNormal skin and bake the body in the oven – the taste is heaven. The skin is so crispy and juicy. My mouth is watery just thinking about it. Pulling the skin off the bone is heaven. The taste is so rich and the when the skin melts in your mouth and can roll your eyes back and praise a spirit that is unknown.

The taste and delight of Normalis so so good, I wish I can eat them one by one. I love an oven baked body of a Normal. My favorite is Black and Spanish. Pure Nazi White meat is too dry and boring; it’s like eating Greens. Yuck! Black and Spanish people are spicy, hot and have so much favor. Mixed race is good too, but the pure is better.

My uncle Bryan invented fake Normal meat and blood. It tastes worst then Pure Nazi White meat, but it helps me live. My people can eat other meat like chicken, goat, turkey and beef. But, it’s not the same. I love Normals. My parents, brothers and sisters all love Normal meat and we try to stay away for the chicken and other crap. But, we follow the rules about eating the real thing, we have to eat the fake crap or my aunt Erika will punish my mother.

There’s a lot of crazy stuff happening in my family. Max is half vamp, Spirit is doing her job (STRANGE), Rebecca is taking more of an interest, Fire got her orders and E is in love with Thor. It’s like a soap opera with Supernatural all over it. Funny but true. Instead of watching TV, I get the updated news from our family sect advisor; Matthew. If Simon Peter knew about Matthew, Matthew will disappear. It’s funny; this post will go on the web. Let us say, Matthew have not been working out as an advisor.

With any advisor, if you don’t kiss my butt then you will get hurt. Simple rule, right? While, you know, some people are slow.

My sister Oriana called me today. I miss her. She’s my role model and my best friend. Oriana is the first born and is loved by my parents. Her name means Sunrise because her face is like the Sun. She has olive skin, dark yellow eyes and bright blonde hair. She’s so beautiful and amazing but don’t mess with her – she can burn.

Oriana and Spirit are business partners and best friends; although Spirit is older. I did ask Oriana about Spirit renewed interest in the family.

Oriana said, “Spirit is bored. She needs something to excite her”.

Oriana is right, Spirit is so old; I don’t think Spirit knows her real age.

Oh yeah, my special abilities, I do have them. I possess them deep into my white bones: Pride, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Honor, Worship, Angry and The Touch of God. My skin is made out of the purest gold, my eyes are diamonds, my scent is rare perfume and my touch is Godlike. I am an idol to all things, big and small. A loose hair strand becomes a recital and my nail clippings are worshiped like an idol. I am God on Earth. One reason, I am feared.

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