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Secrets of Women

By Aliya Leigh

As I look at my long muscular nude body in mirror, I look at myself as a thing beauty. I lightly touch my skin with my long gentle fingers.

I gently touch my smooth coca skin; which is flawless in every way. My eyes are almond shaped with a golden-brown, my lips are full of life and love and my nose is perfect as if God gave it to me.

My breasts are hard and small, just perfect for the perfect person. My abs is tight and hard, as well as, my legs and the rest of my body. I am made beautiful in every way.

Women are beautiful creatures from God. We are strong, have strength, have might, communicators, leaders, and have the greatest sense of emotion.

Women can have waterfalls of sweet juices of love and life with only a touch. By the right touch, a woman will love you for life. Touch her and she will moan, feel her energy and she will melt in your hands.

Women are emotional creatures. We feed on emotion. Emotion is our passion and our fire. Emotion is our desire. Emotion is equal to women.

One night, I was with my partner and we just kissed each other. The kiss was insane and blew my mind. It gave me a rush inside my body and I was floating on air. My eyes rolled to the back of my head; I felt high and alive. It was the most perfect kiss with a touch to match.

In sex, women are not always looking for penetration, but a touch and kiss can go a long way.

Talking is always good. A whisper in the ear, and a lick here and there will make her go insane.

Remember sex is sex. Making love is making love. Most men and some women forget that sex and making love is not the same, but two different actions with two different results.

In a loving relationship, communication is always the key, even if you two don’t agree on a topic or a matter. A couple can’t be afraid to discuss topics. If you want someone to always agree with you, you can marry your hand or a robot. The choice is yours. But, know this; your partner should always be your best friend; who’s an extension of you.

This is the differences between men and women. Women feed on emotion to drive them as men need to lead and protect. It’s in our DNA.

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