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The world is so sad.  So you need to make it happy and joyful. It that correct?

I think so.  Today, I was in my bed and nude.  As sit on my bed, I look around at the four walls closing on me as if I was captured by fault of my own. 

Today, is the first day I have grown suspicious of this world, I call my life.  I got a phone and the Caller ID stated “Unknown”. 

“Who is it?” I asked myself.

“Should, I answer it?”

“Is it a bill collector?”

“Who is it?”

All of these questions swirled around in my head like a confused mad woman mumbling nonsense. 

I forget that I didn’t erase some of my voice messages and my voice mail was full, so I answered the phone.

The guy on the other line mentions my name wrong, so I was able to fake who I was.  Found out, it was for a job interview. But, I was still very suspicious of the caller. 

No, I am not on any drugs and I have not been drinking.  But, when you see an Unknown on you phone, you have to wonder who it is.

To me, it seems I live in a fake world surrounded by cartoon characters.  I always wonder if my world in real or fake.  Are you real? Are you reading this and why?

We have gotten so wrapped into not connected in the real world, which we forget about the real world. We rather live in the fake world; where it is no dying, pain, hurt or nonsense.  Reality TV shows are so important because it makes us forget about our little stupid problems and laugh other people’s problems who have fame and money. 

In Social Media, you can have friends, dates, lovers and family without even talking to them.  Currently, I am dating a girl through twitter. I have tried to have a normal conversation over the phone, but a normal conversation she can’t handle. So, we have an open relationship in the land of Twitter. 

I believe, our communication will be transformed into money speak but your typing and spelling will improve.

So sad, that as a society will are scared of the outside, other people and relationship outside our four wall jail cell.  We are in jail and we hold the key. This key we are afraid to use. Why?  Because social media has given us a voice, but made us paranoid at the same damn time



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