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I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I have been seeing billboards which say "SAVE THE DATE - May 21 2011". What does this mean?  Judgment Day!!!


PLEASE!!!!  As I understand from the bible, the angels or anyone don't know the time, the day or the hour, so how can we save the date?  


This is so funny! Why?  Ok, let me tell you:

1) My mother just lost her firstborn child named Aliya, who was supposed to be my older sister. This was the year 1975. 

2) My mother was very depressed and had to visit her grandmother, who was my great-grandmother.  My great-grandmother was a Jehovah's Witness.  She told my mother, the world will end in the year, 1976. With hearing this, they got into an argument and my mother left in anger.  

3) My mother wanted to get pregnant again and decided if she was going to die; her unborn child will die too. But, my great-grandmother's words got the best of her. My mother started to study the bible with Jehovah's Witnesses. 

4) My mother converted and I was born April 19, 1976.  


5) As you can see, I am still alive.  I am typing this right now, in my bed, half nude. I'm a beautiful opinionate, loud - mouth, blogger and podcaster Republican.  Who had written 3 books, 4 scripts, have an apparel and skateboard design line and producing a web show.  

Just think, if the world ended before I was born, you guys would never have the joy to know me and be in my presence.  LOL.  So, yes, this is funny to me.  


But, here is the news article and videos below.  

May 21, 2011: Judgment Day Rumors Spread Across The US

The Huffington Post  Dean Praetorius

May 21, 2011 will mark the second coming of Christ, or at least that's what some Christian groups believe.

The date was calculated by Harold Camping, the leader of an independent Christian ministry called Family Radio Worldwide, which is based in Oakland, Calif. Camping's date is based on his interpretation of the bible.

Camping's group isn't the only one following hisapocalyptic prediction though. A number of loosely affiliated websites and radio broadcasts have created a movement independent of churches that have organized to proclaim the day as the end of the world.

Billboards, bus stop benches, and travelling caravans of RVs from Bridgeport, Conn. to Little Rock, Ark. are being used to spread the word, according to the AP. Allison Warden (pictured) has been helping to organize the campaign not only through billboards and post cards, but through the web, using her siteWe Can Know.

Camping, 89, says the bible acts as a calendar by which the dates of prophecies can be calculated. "Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment," he toldthe AP.

While this isn't the first time that the end of the world has been predicted, there are many believers that will adhere to the date, even if it passes. "It would be like telling the Wright brothers that every other attempt to fly has failed, so you shouldn't even try," Chris McCann, who works with eBible Fellowship, told the AP.

UPDATE: CNN has since taken a close look at 'Project Caravan,' the mobile movement preaching the end of the world. For more, watch the clip from CNN below.

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