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Life is crazy. Life is wonderful. Life is strange.

Life is like a 4-way highway, people coming and going through your life.

Some are wreaks, some are easy, some are complicated, some are fast, some are slow and some just want to enjoy the ride.

But, in all life is a beautiful, strange and easy car wreck, then appreciate the reason for your stay.

Why are you here? I don't know.

Enjoy the ride!

Be kind.

Be free.

Be yourself.

Life is life and whatever comes your way, it's up to you if you will welcome the challenge or be on the sidelines of your own adventure.

So, be life and live.

Don't be in limbo or part of the living dead. 

Live life. Take the ride. You owe it to yourself to do so.

First, close your eyes; take a deep breath and take the first step.


Aliya Leigh

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