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Movies to MUST SEE:

1) Elena Undone By Nicole Conn
Elegant and refined Elna is a devoted wife to her pastor husband, mother to her
teenage son and daughter to her traditional Indian family. For so many years she has
been living her life on autopilot. Grief-stricken lesbian writer Peyton is
struggling to move on from recent hardship. When the two meet they form an
immeasurable bond that shakes the foundation of their sheltered worlds
and Elena is confronted with intense and unexpected feelings for a woman.

As their relationship takes on a life on a life of its own, what ensues
is one of the most passionate and intimate female-on-female scenes ever
is filmed.

Best film EVER

2) Tools for Fools By Kate Brandt
Juile Goldm3an struts, simpers and mugs her way through the world's
most outrageous infomercial that is a
celebration of lesbian sexuality... at it's silliest.
Satisfaction guaranteed!!!!!!

3)A Marine Story by Ned Farr
A decorated Marine officer unexpectedly returns home from the was and is
quickly recruited to help a troubled teen prepare for boot camp, but
when the true reasons for her return become known it threatens the future for
both of them. "A Marine Story" highlights the absurdity of the military ban on gays
through the personal story of one courageous woman.

4) Breaking the Chains By Alyssa Eisenstein
A year ago, American Evangelicals traveled to Uganda for a conference on the
"the gay agenda"to speak about curing homosexuality. The Anti-Homosexuality
Bill was proposed just a few months later and introduced some of the harshest
punishments in the world for homosexuals.It calls for lifetime imprisonment
for all LGBT people, death to homosexuals who are HIV positive and prison
for any Ugandan who fails to report LGBT Ugandans within 24 hours of the
Bill passing.

Alyssa Eisenstein, a Northwestern University student, traveled to Uganda
in the Spring of 2010 to interview LGBT activists, legal and political
authorities, university students, village leaders and even a traditional

5) Gen Silent By Stu Maddux
Gen Silent is the new LGBT documentary that asks six LGBT senior citizens if
they will hide their lives to survive.

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