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The New Skinheads of the Afro Gene
By Aliya Leigh

Black people need to go back into slavery. Yes, I do believe Blacks have forgotten what it feels like to be an outcast in society. Blacks are becoming the new members of the KKK. Yes, I said it, Skinheads look out. Your brothers from a different color.

To me, it seems that the Blacks in this country don’t think gay rights are the same as civil rights. Civil rights are about rights of individuals’ freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations and ensure one’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.

So what is the difference between Civil Rights and Gay Rights? Nothing. It’s the same deal. Like HELLO.

It bothers me that Blacks had to go through hell and back, to have the position they have in this country. We even have a Black President. But now, they don’t care about the rights about anyone else, but still talking about the Civil Right struggle.

Years ago, in this country, Blacks could not get married to each other; which is why Blacks have this statement, “Jumping the broom”. When a couple “Jumped the broom” that means, the couple is married. It was also true; Black and Whites could not get married together. So what?

Now, I am not talking about marriage, but I am talking about rights and feeling human. Two days ago, a straight guy asked me “What is the big deal about gay marriage? Straight marriages have problems too.” Yes, this is true, but when Gays are able to get married, Gays will be considered as HUMANS not as people who are mentally insane or sexual diseased people who needs sex rehab.

I am Black and happy to be Black, but Blacks need to stop with the hate of the Gay Rights issue. Being Gay is not a White Man disease and some Black people are Gay. I am sorry to tell you, Black people. Black people can be Gay.

So, Civil Rights are the same as Gay Rights. It’s the same! So deal with it!

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