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World-class personal trainer Oscar “O-Diesel” Smith chooses to let his actions speak louder than words. While his actions have resulted in building an impressive client list including several celebrities and professional athletes due to their word of mouth, these actions have also played a larger role in transforming a former aspiring Olympic gymnast into the world-class person he is today.

Smith may not have fulfilled his ultimate dream of competing in the 1988 Summer Olympics, something he often thought of as a young gymnast at the BK Gymnastics Center in Long Island. But he turned what at the time was a heart-wrenching negative – breaking his leg before the Olympic Games were set to begin – into a life-saving positive.

Working hard in the gym to help himself after he suffered his injury, Smith in turn helped others on the road to his own recovery. He started his own gym in Tribeca appropriately named “O-Diesel”, but perhaps more importantly became a valuable member of the United States Lifesaving Association Team. Smith has also been certified as a Level 3 Lifeguard for 18 years and continues to be a big-time triathlete. These experiences speak for themselves in terms of promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle because he lives it every day.

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