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I spoke to my cousin last night. Wait, I mean, I chatted with her on facebook.  I forgot no one uses the phone anymore. What is a phone?  A phone is a dumb piece of equipment that is used for status and dull entertainment.  I hate my phone. I can only use it for, reading a book, finding out the status of my twitter trends, playing games, texting and reading the news. I can't use my phone to call because it doesn't work.  So what is the purpose of paying T-Mobile 75 dollars a month for unlimited calling, texting and data? What is the point, when you can't even use the phone to make calls?  

So anyways, I was chatting with my cousin who is a natural Blonde. She does give blondes a bad rap. She's like the stereotypical blonde; dumb, big boobs and lots of fun.  She is a half and half, you know mixed race, like half Black and half White.  But she is no Hallie Berry. 

She asked me if I am dating. I told her, "No", but I am.  Why No? She still thinks I am straight.  I never told her the news that I am gay. It is much easier to let her believe I am straight. Why?  Because then, I have to go into detail and scientific data why I am gay and the gene pool which I came from. Again, she is a typical blonde.  

I told her, I am not dating because I don't believe in marriage. As my cousin, she knows this. From a child, I never believed in marriage. I came from a home with a mother and father, who are still together. But at what cost?  My mother is a witch and my father is a nice man.  My brother and I wanted my father to marry a nice and kind woman, but his heart was and still is with my mother. I think, my father is into S&M.  And the my mother is my birth mother.

When I look back on there marriage, it can make me vomit.  If this was an example of marriage, I don't want any part of it.  

My blonde hair cousin lives in Florida and only loves Black people. She hates White people and wish for their death. She believes White people are the enemy of this world. Her father is white (German and Irish) and her mother is Black. She loves both of her parents, even her White father.  Again, the girl is not bright.  As a family, she's our entertainment. We laugh before she opens her mouth.  So, anyways, she started to date the Black guy in Florida because it seemed that he was the ONLY Black man in Florida.  You think so, after all the crap he put her through during their 3 relationship, and still didn’t get laid. I told her that there were make Black men in Florida, but she didn’t and still don’t believe me. She believes that, she needs to be with a pure African Black man in order to be accepted in the Black race. Again, she’s my cousin.  I hate to tell her the bad news, “There are no pure, pure people in the world today”. You will think, she knows this, since she is mixed herself.  Most of my family including myself are mixed.

So, we were talking about this marriage thing.  She needs to get married, so she can lose her virginity. My family is old school. So, when she asked me about marriage and I just told her that I don't believe in it; she believes I am still a virgin; which is far from the truth. 

I can honestly say I have slept with 45 to 50 women in my short sexual life.  I had to make up for lost time and I don't have any STDs.  Am I proud that I slept with a lot of women? No.  It's what it is. I was going through some stuff in my life and trying to deal with life, love, sex and God.  I figured if God made me into a strange nasty disgusting creature, I should have all my fun and then die.  Now, I have a different outlook on life.  I do.  

One person asked me, (since I'm a Young Adult writer) if I'm a good role model for teenage girls? Due to my lesbianism and sexual acts.  I told them and I am tell you, I am not a role model. But, if teenage girl want to look up to me, then let them. I tell the truth about my life and give teenage girls my bad and good examples. I listen, I feel and learn from my fan base. I love them and they love me. If I am their role model, I hope they can learn from my mistakes. Mothers forget to be role models for their daughters, so Brit, Paris, Lindsay and Snooki become a role model to them instead.  I believe, I'm better then Brit, Paris, Lindsay and fat crack head Snooki.

Anyways, we were talking about marriage. I read an article about an unhappy marriage.  To think about it, what is an unhappy marriage? I have learned and felt that the unhappy marriage articles and advice is BS.  No one can tell you how to feel or what should do in your life.  When people focus on stupid an article about the bad signs of a marriage or of dating, they tend to mess up their own marriage with laws that should never be introduced.  

Each relationship is different and one should not judge how you should act or feel.  The only advice I have for a happy relationship is communication, loyalty and honesty. If we followed these three words in our hearts, we will create a better world.  

So to me, marriage and relationship advice is BS and brunch of nonsense. Why would you give permission to a person who you never met, to tell you want to do?  

But, when you follow an article about advice or read a self-help book, you are being the stupid sheep who's following a leader who's full of BS. 






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