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I know, I know.  On twitter, there’s a lot of talk surrounding my sexuality. This rumor about my sexuality has been going on for two years. So what?  The fact is, I am still a lesbian and I love women.  Yes, something has come to light, but this blog will still focus on women’s issues, sex, love and relationship advice.


The blog started because my first ex-girlfriend dumped me.  I was so pissed that I had to talk about her.  I felt hurt and I had to speak my mind about the relationship and how she dumped me. 


From that, the blog became a soap box for the Presidential Election, since I am a registered Republican. 


Then the blog became a soap box for my relationships, the GLBT community, drama and other things.  The blog has lost its focus, but now the focus has been found. 


I am still a Professional Lesbian and will always be. 


With that said, Lesbian Life blog will be back on track with help from the GLBT and Straight community. It will be more exciting, fun, interesting and will deal more with women’s issues then anything else.


Writers who want to submit articles can do so by emailing me at: aliyaleigh@gmail.com with the subject “Lesbian Life Article”.


Yes, the Lesbian Life Blog, will be stronger then ever. 


Thank you for your support.


Aliya Leigh   

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