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A man from Maine is starting his own Marijuana State University where he plans to teach the audience the proper way to grow pot.

According to Fox News, 56-year-old Ray Logan said he made the course to help people learn how to use marijuana after an injury. Logan acquired his medical marijuana card in 2010, many years after his spinal injury during a skydiving accident in 1996.

Logan held his first class at a hotel in Portland on April 2. About 15 people showed where they discussed ideal growing conditions.

The classes also include information on the history of marijuana, details on various strains and instructions on how to grow marijuana using hydroponics, a method of growing plants using mineral solutions without water.

Logan said marijuana isn't an easy plant to grow. His classes are open to anyone over the age of 21. The classes aim to instruct medical marijuana users, not any other reasons. Although, those who don't have a medical license are still welcome to attend.

Police in Auburn, Maine, where Logan plans to hold his next class on May 7, told FoxNews.com that as long as attendees do not bring their latest cannabis creations to the class, there won't likely be any problems.

The marijuana classes do not allow participants to use real drugs or drug paraphernalia. Logan is not a licensed dispensary, and said he uses basil plants as an example in his classes.

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